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pianos for sale!

You've seen listings for free pianos or even on the side of a curb, but how do you know if it's really a steal? Unfortunately, "free" pianos are rarely truly free or even decent instruments. If you're searching for an excellent instrument, look no further! All pianos listed here have been thoroughly inspected by me and are of the highest quality.

Yamaha for sale.jpg

Yamaha Console

This Yamaha Piano is in pristine, like-new condition without any problems or issues!

Purchase or rental includes:

  • Free delivery within 60 miles of Winterset, Iowa

  • Newly installed Piano Life Saver system (an $800 value!)

  • One complimentary tuning ($150 value)

Purchase price $3750

Short-term rental $125/mo (requires month-to-month contract)

Rent-to-own $125/mo (requires a 36-month contract)

yamaha for sale 2.jpg
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